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The first few minutes of Rise of the Tomb Rider bothered me. It all starts with Lara walking slowly through the snow, my only need is to catch W as the game plays around me. All of a sudden, I'm getting flashbacks of the 2013 Tomb Rider reboot and its endless, set-piece-heavy introduction. At one point during a climbing tutorial full of cut scenes, I remembered a hint, fell and died. Repeating the section, I hit the prompt, climbed a few feet, and saw another cut scene in which Lara falls but is fine. Here we go again? Not really.The opener is disappointing, but it ended quickly. Since then, Rise of the Tomb Rider has remained largely at the level of constant interaction. There are still plenty of set-piece shows left, but these fast-paced action segments trust you to be able to read visual clues to the environment and react using appropriate controls. These layouts have a level of art, but they work within the framework of established interactions. This is a symbol of RotTR as a whole. It's not that Tomb Rider's mistakes have been eliminated, but they have been dramatically reduced. There are less slow QTE series, less awkward conversations, fewer mini-boss fights. They are all still present, but take significantly less time than 15 hours or more.Lara's latest adventure opens in Siberia, and - apart from her initial stay in Syria - she stays there. Lara is searching for a divine source, a pattern that her father had in a frenzy before his death. There is a significant difference between the plots of RotTR and its predecessors. Here, Lara begins her search. As things quickly get out of hand, especially after the emergence of the military sect Trinity, she is no longer ready to take part in the events. This is still Lara's identity, but, while she has not yet accepted her role as a globetrotting killer, she is at least accepting him more. There is a commitment that did not exist before, and this means that there is no clumsy connection between the story of a woman traumatized by her actions and the happy feeling of killing a camp full of bad people. It's just like that, because the fight is very pleasant. The rise of Tomb Raider - like its predecessor - combines stealth and action with great tact. Most enemies begin to be unaware of Lara's presence, which allows you to crawl behind bushes and cover. With restraint, and by circling objects to provide distractions, it is possible to systematically and quietly clear most of the enemy's patrols. Often, it's more fun to take some guys out and then start a firefight.Lara has access to a small selection of weapon types; pistols, rifles and shotguns; with all sorts of different styles. Most people like to fire, but the alarming mistake of an automatic rifle is the real exception. The pistol feels light and medical, while the pump action shotgun is a cool and pleasantly lethal option. Once again, though, Bow is the star of the show. Retreating and charging shots provides a good rhythm to the fight, especially with some upgrades of skills available as above Lara's level. I especially enjoy the sense of high speed fire skill, which allows you to fire a fully charged follow-up arrow immediately after your initial shot. Aim correctly, and you can take down heavily armed guards with the same salo.For this tour, Lara's ability to develop combat equipment during the flight is new. Arrows and special ammunition can be made at any time, but you can also use items found around enemy camps. A bottle can be turned into a Molotov cocktail. An empty IED box. Doing so costs the world's resources, but I've never been so short on them that I'm unable to shed light on a bunch of soldiers. You develop combat tools by holding down the middle mouse button, thus freeing your keyboard hand to control Lara's movements. As a result, scrambling between the covers during the holding and arming of the cans is a process without friction. It gives the fight a welcome sense of fluency.When you're not fighting for your life—be it against soldiers or the crumbling ruins of an action set piece—you're exploring one of a handful of large, open hub areas.A disliking to your continued existence. . Jump, swing, grab, attach—each action requiring a specific button press. It's a simple, streamlined system, and with the correct taps of space, E and F, you'll seldom run into any problems. It's a shame there's not more danger, but the presentation does a lot of the heavy lifting. Scaling giant buildings or huge cliff faces still feels risky, even as the interactions involved are slim.Outside of the campaign, you'll find Expeditions—a series of custom score attack modes that let you apply modifying cards to alter the challenge. Some card packs are earned for tasks completed in the campaign, and others can be purchased with points gained by playing Expeditions mode challenges. There's also the option to spend real money on card packs, which seems overkill given how frivolous the mode seems. 

Tomb Raider 2013 Game Category

Action And Adventure

Tomb Raider 2013 Development Company

Crystal Dynamic

Tomb Raider 2013 Release Date

March 5 ,2013

System Requirement for Tomb Raider 2013

Processor Dual Core or Above 3.0 Ghz


512 MB Video Memory

10 GB Free Storage

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